Beltronics GX 65

$450.00 Released September, 2008

Product Shot 1The Beltronics GX 65 is a high-end automobile radar detector, a flagship offering that Beltronics promotes as the most sophisticated radar and laser detector in the world. The GX 65 offers the world's best long-range warning on all bands including X, K, Superwide Ka, Ku and Instant-on POP (which is a trait shared with the closely related RX 65 radar detector).

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It offers 360 degree laser detection, so that there is no chance that a speed trap or red light will sneak up on you, a feature is has over the RX 65. This radar detector also comes with thousands of pre-programmed locations of red lights and fixed position speed cameras, another feature the RX 65 does not have. The variable speed sensitivity of this radar detector provides real time radar protection based on your vehicle's speed. Beltronics emphasizes in promotion that the GX 65 has no danger of being set off by false alarms like garage door openers and motion sensors. You can update the Beltronics GX 65 by going online to the Beltronics website and downloading the latest locations to watch out for, as well as the latest software for the GX 65 (something the RX 65 cannot do).


  • Internet updateable
  • Multiple rear and front laser sensors
  • Long-range warning on all bands (including X, K, Superwide Ka, Ke and Instant-on POP)
  • 360 degree laser protection 
  • Thousands of red light and fixed position speed camera positions
  • Variable speed sensitivity
  • SpeedCheck
  • AlertLock
  • Mark Location
  • AutoScan processing
  • Voice alerts
  • Ultra-bright high definition display
  • Brightness control
  • One year limited warranty
  • SmartPlug power cord
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • 10 times the range of imported radar and laser detectors

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