Beltronics Vector 940

$170.00 Released December, 2008

Product Shot 1The Beltronics Vector 940 is a mid-priced radar detector, the base offering in the Vector 900 series. Beltronics promotes this offering as a perfect accessory for the economical driver, a radar detector with six times the range of imported radar and laser detectors.

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This is not quite as much range as the closely related Vector 955 has, eight times the range of imported detectors (or the Vector 995's ten times the range of imported detectors). Besides the difference in range, all of the Vector 900 detectors have pretty much the same specs. Like the Vector 955 and Vector 995, the Vector 940 offers coverage for all U.S. radar and laser bands (though the Vector 995 also covers the U.K.-based Ku band), which means that you will have a good idea when speed traps and red lights are coming. The digital voice alert feature of the Vector 940 will warn you when they are coming up. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) of this radar detector, a common feature on Beltronics radar detectors, gets rid of false alarms from things like garage door openers and motion sensors. Like all the radar detectors in this series, the Vector 940 comes with a one year limited warranty.


  • 6 times the range of imported radar and laser detectors
  • Covers all U.S. radar and laser bands
  • Multi-sensor laser detection
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Digital voice alerts
  • 6 selectable features
  • Ultra-bright high definition display
  • Brightness control
  • One year limited warranty
  • Owner's manual
  • Windsheild mount
  • Power cord

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