Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C430

$210.00 Released November, 2009

Product Shot 1The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C430 is a mid-priced radar/laser detector and scrambler. The main factor that sets the RMR-C430 apart from the lower cost RMR-C435 is its DDI (Dynamic Data Integration) technology, which makes for a more reliable, higher level performance.

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This is a feature shared with the higher-cost RMR-C475. Besides the DDI technology, the RMR-C430 and RMR-C435 have the same specs. Both detect and scramble all radar bands (including X, K, Ka, Superwide Instant-on, POP and Pulse); both detect and scramble all laser devices in North American use today (and the Adaptive Laser Tracker can detect them even if they are on the move); both offer detection a full 360 degrees around your vehicle. Rocky Mountain Radar is so confident in the RMR-C430's ability to scramble the signals of radar and laser devices (therby rendering a speed reading of your vehicle impossible), that they offer a one year rebate on any laser or radar ticket you are issued using the RMR-C430 within the first year after purchase. The RMR-C430 lacks the bi-lingual voice alerts, increased laser scrambling power and blue LCD display of the RMR-C475. The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C430 comes with a three year warranty. 


  • One year ticket rebate
  • Three year warranty
  • Smart-Scan
  • Micro-Scan
  • DDI technology
  • Detects/scrambles all radar bands (including X, K, Ka, Superwide, Instant-on, POP and Pulse)
  • Detects/scrambles all laser devices
  • Adaptive Laser Tracker
  • 360 degree radar/laser protection
  • VG-2/VG-3 undetectable
  • Automatic internal scrambler test
  • Four level dim
  • City/highway strength
  • Last setting memory
  • Safety alert
  • Windshield mounting bracket
  • Power cord 

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