Whistler XTR-190

$130.00 Released December, 2003

Product Shot 1The Whistler XTR-190 is a rechargeable, cordless laser/radar detector released as a more adorable counterpart to the XTR-185. It lacks its peer’s integrated solar panel, while maintaining a built-in battery—meaning it can be charged and then used without being hooked up to the car’s 12-volt automobile plug.

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This leaves the plug available for other devices. Like its counterpart, the XTR-190 full radar & laser detection in addition to VG-2 cloaking from detector-detectors. It’s also compatible with emergency-vehicle Safety Warning Systems. Additional features include city & highway modes for reducing the likelihood of false alerts, alert priorities based on importance (laser, radar, safety), and an auto Quiet Mode that temporarily disables audio alerts in favor of icon alerts.


  • Rechargeable, Cordless Laser/Radar Detector
  • Icon-Based Alerts
  • 360-Degree Total Band Protection
  • POP Mode Detection
  • VG-2 Cloaking System
  • Safety Warning Systems
  • High Gain Lens
  • Tone Alerts
  • Quit/Auto-Quiet Modes
  • Alert Priority
  • 3 City Modes
  • Highway Mode
  • Setting Saver
  • Selectable Auto Shut Off
  • Internal Battery Charger

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